10 minute bike ride. out of shape.

yellow handmade bicycle messenger bag

push off. too few rotations – my knees tingle. out of shape.

cool air – relatively speaking, of course – not humid or hazy or any other word people in suits in front of green screens use to make me feel sticky. the air is soft.

pedal begets pedal begets movement begets movements begets speed.

c o a s t.

shift gears, catch, power. speed – coast.

tops of thighs tingle, wobble. breathe in cool air through lungs through legs through life.

breathe out: short, choppy, out of shape.

10 minutes is all i’ve got in me. try again tomorrow.

{yellow bicycle messenger bag by ikabags}

15 thoughts on “10 minute bike ride. out of shape.

  1. As soon as I read your tweet, I had to come over here and read your post. This is me just one week ago. I hadn’t ridden for 20 years and my rear end in particular was none to pleased that I’d started up again.

    But hang in there, it’ll be fun soon. I promise. And the coasting is great isn’t it? You gotta love the coasting. It’s the shouts of “wheeeeeee!” that kept me going on the up bits 😉

    1. hey eleanor! i got my bike about 2 months ago and was doing really well with riding daily & getting back in shape until GAH this crazy summer weather hit. but buckets of sweat or no, i really need to get back on the wagon, er, bike.

  2. The point is that you got out there & did something. Maybe you didn’t go as far as you wanted, but you got started. All you have to do is keeping going – the more you ride, the better you get. :)

    1. thanks, victoria! i’m really going to try to push through the rest of summer. then i’ll be able to go really far & fast come cool fall evenings. sweet.

  3. Go Tara….good for you! I’ve starting biking to work and it’s all down hill on the way in…and 4 MOUNTAINS (ok, hills) on the way back. It’s SO hard…but this week is the first week it feels pretty good. In other words – keep up the good work….you’ll be going longer and faster in no time!

  4. i can relate to this article all too well :) every summer i decide it’s time to get in at least a bit of exercise and well the first few times are kinda tough!

    what’s working for me on our weekly hikes, is just to pace myself… glad i’m not the only one trying to get out there a bit more, and finding things a bit shaky at first!

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