10 Insights About Optimism and Creating a Business


There have been many times in my journey to being a business owner where well-intending loved ones have suggested I might be better to return to a lucrative but soul sucking day job.

I’ve learnt to listen to how my body feels when they suggest that move because the one thing I now know is that my mind will play thinking tricks on me but my body will never lie.  I know that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach is not excitement. It is actually dread! I have in the past accompanied it with a familiar fear based story that perhaps they’re right and I might actually not be enough to manifest my real dreams.

Inevitably I would get pulled into a debilitating vortex, which I would eventually pull myself out of by going running or stepping fully into my rebellious free-spirited nature.

I’ve learnt to cultivate courageous optimism.  I knew from my world of work was that our (EQ) emotional intelligence (optimism being part of that) is something we can grow.

Here are 10 tips that have supported my growth…

  1. Trust your body signals – they don’t lie. You’ll get an intuitive hit from your body and your mind might not like what it’s telling you. Your mind might want you to play safe. Pay attention to what’s really going on at a deeper level.  Learn to distinguish between your intuition and selling yourself out.
  2. Be really clear about what you want – most people aren’t. They’re reacting to what they don’t want.
  3. Take charge – everyone talks about responsibility and we think we’re in charge but so often we’re really not. Watch the way you persistently think about and react to events.
  4. Have an opinion. I don’t mean be all mouthy (although that might be your thing) – this is about standing up for your brilliance.
  5. Focus on one dream – I love the dream world but my biggest frustration was too many dreams and not landing the plane. Stop the distractions by focusing on one outcome at a time.
  6. Clients aren’t magically attracted – you’ve got to do the work to show up.
  7. Hire people. If you’re in that game of thinking you can do it alone or that you have to – I hear you. I’ve hired people often when it feels completely counterintuitive. Every time the investment has helped me grow. If you’re inside the problem it’s so damned hard to see outside it. Together is definitely better and if you’re under the illusion that a great business is one that only has you in it, you’re thinking way too small.
  8. If you think you haven’t enough time, you’re either in the past or the future. Get in the moment because nothing ever happens in the past or the future, it happens now.
  9. Remember you are unique and don’t need to fit in with what others think you should be. Own your strengths and value. I mean seriously – own it!
  10. Nourish yourself – your energy really matters.  If it’s all feeling hard, stop.  Do something to move your energy and then come back to it.  You’ll be amazed what you can get done in 90 minutes when you’re in a great energetic space.

I’d love for you to share your insights in the comments below about what’s serving you on your business builder/creator journey.  You’ve got stacks of insights inside you and I’m imagining how cool it would be for us to collate some of that wisdom here in the comments section.

6 thoughts on “10 Insights About Optimism and Creating a Business

  1. This is a great list, each idea is a positive one. I have just started my online art gallery business, it is slow going, but I will not give up on it. It is my passion and dream! Thanks for the good advice!

    1. Paulo glad to hear you’re not giving up. Often it’s about standing in our spotlight and having the confidence to be courageously optimistic and share what we do. If it’s your passion and dream you’re in the right place. Follow that energy.

  2. Love this! I agree, you can’t wait around and hope that clients magically appear. I’ve had to work hard and proactively seek them out and nurture them. I get a better quality of clients when I choose them myself rather than taking whatever I can get.

    1. Hi Sage, I checked out your site, love what you’re up to and the energy you’re bringing. Thanks for sharing here – I totally agree with you about the better quality of clients when you stand in the centre of who you are.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I feel like I’m constantly having to defend my decision to be a stay-home, homeschooling, craft business owning momma. I’ve had many tell me to put my oldest daughter in public school, my youngest in daycare, and get a “real” job, but I have a dream and I’m not giving it up for what’s expected of me by others.

  4. Hey Casey, where were you when I was so desperately looking for a cool slouchy hat that wasn’t made from itchy wool? Love your designs. It takes courage to follow a dream and follow an unexpected path. The courage to stand up and say this is me and I’m doing what I love. Honouring your path from across the pond :-)

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