• Picture Postcards from Niagara Falls

    Last month, my husband and I took a quick overnight trip to Niagara Falls with our dear friends who were visiting from Spain. It truly was such a short visit, and the experience was so heavily visual, that I find myself without any pretty or interesting words to describe it. So I’ll just let that be, and(…)

  • 5 Ways to Spread Good in the World

    If we look at the media on any given day the story can seem pretty grim – so much sadness and hard times – but on a personal level we can affect so much positive change on a daily basis. Simple acts and gestures can make all the difference in the lives of the people(…)

  • 5 Ways You’re Creative Even When You Think You’re Not

    Sometimes you may think you’re not creative. The well may have run dry on your regular creative practice, or maybe you’re one of those people who proclaims they “couldn’t draw a stick figure even if they tried” (though I bet you you could). The good news is, there are many forms of creativity other than(…)

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  • Risk Being Open

    Risk Being Open

      My word I chose for this year was RISK. I was finishing grad school this year, and with that came a lot of possibility, and lot of unknowns about what came next. What I did know was that I didn’t want to become a version of me that chose safe options, as to avoid(…)

  • Storytelling, Vulnerability and a Pivotal Moment in My Creative Life

    Storytelling, Vulnerability and a Pivotal Moment in My Creative Life

    A  couple of weeks ago I was flicking through my book collection; it was time to trim it down some. I didn’t have a huge amount of books but it was more than one box, and and I wanted no more than a box. I was also looking forward to giving away some books to(…)


  • Using Core Values to Guide Your Business

    Using Core Values to Guide Your Business

    As a small business owner, you’re faced with lots of decisions everyday. Is this Instagram photo on brand? Should I give the refund? HTML or plain text newsletter? Your decision-making process becomes much simpler once you connect to your core values. When your core values inform your work, you feel more like yourself, and get(…)

  • How to Kick it Like Gotze (World Cup Tips for Creatives)

    How to Kick it Like Gotze (World Cup Tips for Creatives)

      I couldn’t resist a cheeky football (soccer if you’re American!) post seeing as I’ve just watched the Germany vs. Argentina World Cup final. Due to England’s rather hasty exit from the tournament, I decided to support Argentina. I could just as easily have chosen Germany, but with my salsera hat on I went with(…)